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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Underrated TV Shows

I decided to move away from books for a while. Summer is lame in the TV Industry and probably the best time to have Netflix.  Need recommendations on shows to watch before Fall 2014 shows start? Here are a few I would recommend. I have completed all of these in its entirety. They can be found on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Crackle, Hulu etc.

These alien next door neighbors are extremely funny. There were episodes where I couldnt stop laughing and there episodes where I was shaking my head asking "why?" But overall I loved it and looked forward to every new episode that came out. There are two seasons but the second can be viewed via Hulu Plus membership.

AKA The Returned is a French eight episode show with English subtitles on Netflix. I watched the whole season in one day. To say I was addicted is a complete understatement. This cannot be compared to the US version Resurrection because that show has nothing on this one. I recommend people watch this one first before starting Resurrection. I think the second season is coming February 2015 *crosses fingers*

I was scrapbooking one day and started to watch Merlin. This was ridiculous at first. The acting was was mediocre and the outfits and settings were laughable. But there wasnt anything else on at the time so I continued and eventually I began to love it. It took me over 6 months though to finish it. I wasnt in a hurry but now find I miss it. Can be viewed on Netflix and Hulu Plus.

This was a youtube show but is now on Crackle. The first season can be viewed in under two hours time. The second season is a little longer and takes about four hours to complete. Jackson Rathbone is gorgeous in this and sometimes funny. I had to wait week by week for new episodes at the time of release but recently I binged rewatching both seasons and I still laughed.

I came across this googling paranormal shows. I read a few episode details and bought both season one and two and binged watched them on my new smart TV. This was funny, awkward, sweet and gory and I'm crossing my fingers it gets renewed for a third season.

This is based on off Melissa De La Cruz's Witches of East End trilogy. I read the first book and didnt like it but enjoyed the show. The cast is fitting and is exactly how I pictured them to be. I didnt read the second book so going into the new season was shocking for me and quite frankly better than the first. I purchased the second season but the first can be viewed on Netflix.

I watched this on Amazon Prime and fell in love from the first episode. I havent been able to watch the second season which just ended in August. I hope I dont have to wait too long before it comes out on Netflix.

I son the first season on Amazon and was immediately drawn into the world and cast. I completed the whole season in two weeks. Can be watched on Netflix.

I watch Teen Wolf and heard Colton Haynes was in this so I gave it a shot and color me surprised it has vampires and werewolves and other super natural creatures in it! I watched this whole season in two days.

I never watched the UK version because I didnt find the cast cute. But I loved this cast and began watching this on my first free month of Netflix. Not every season was worth the watch but for the most part I liked it.

Have you seen any of these? Leave a comment and share.

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