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Friday, February 21, 2014

Welcome to M&EM Read!

Welcome to M&EM Read Young Adult Book Review Blog.  My name is Mia and my cousin Emily (joining the blog in May) and I love to read and review YA books. I have read over 550 books, have a library with over 3,000 books and met over 117 authors from various events.

During my childhood I hated to read, but that all changed during my junior year of High School when I read Twilight. To say I was a fan of Twilight would be a huge understatement. Now all I ever find myself doing is picking up a book and getting lost into the world written on the pages far away from reality.

On my spare time, I volunteer at local libraries, enter into local reading competitions, attend writing workshops across the state and travel to festivals all over the U.S..

I plan to attend several festivals this year including The Ohioana in Columbus on May 10, 2014 and The Teen Book Festival (TBF) in Rochester, NY as well as Book Expo of America (BEA) on May 30, 2014 in New York City, NY. The Ohioana features over 100 Ohio authors and 20 of them are YA, TBF features 45 YA authors and BEA features hundreds of authors, 200 of them are YA.

Be sure to stop by every two weeks or so. I will be posting new reviews, upcoming releases, pictures and interviews with authors, and hold giveaways! Follow me on Twitter @MiaSwartz1 #M&EMRead and feel free to comment below if you have questions or want to introduce yourselves. 

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