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Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Flash CW TV Show Review

The Arrow spin off CW TV show The Flash starring Grant Austin as Barry Allen.

 I am a huge fan of Arrow so I was all for it when I heard The Flash was in the making. I thought it was really cool how they brought him in Arrow for a couple episodes before he turned into The Flash. The Vampire Diaries did the same thing with The Originals. But I find The Flash to be a tad bit cheezy. With the exception of Grant Austin as Barry Allen, I'm not a fan of the cast at all. Grant Austin fits the role of Barry Allen perfectly and I find him to be the only good thing about the show. But his acting and personality wont stand a chance against the terrible acting from the supporting cast.

I still watch it every week but I seem to always be let down with the plot lines and guest actors. Maybe my expectations are too high. I mean, once I found out that this was happening last year I was ecstatic. The whodoneit type murder mysteries have been overkill lately and adding the spin of being fast finding meta-humans isn't fascinating enough.

I may be the only one who's having a hard time because this show according to the cancellation/renewal Bear predicts this 4/5 stars for renewal. My point is I hope I find it more interesting to continue watching. Because right now I have 24 other shows that are way more appealing.  I want to love this show SO bad! But its already 7 episodes deep and I'm bored and almost over it. Now that I have a new 9-5 job, this may just be the series to weed out and wait for it on Netflix.

Tell me what you think. Do you agree or disagree? Should I give it a couple more weeks or stop after this past week's episode?

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  1. I've only seen four episodes of this show so far but I really like it. I watch Arrow as well but I sort of like the balance of having Arrow, a super serious show, with Flash, which is more light-hearted. I'm wondering if Flash is also supposed to be geared at more of the teen crowd.

    I definitely don't find myself craving for more after each episode though as I do with Arrow. It's more of a show that I watch when I want something a bit more on the humor/nerdy side.

    1. I love Arrow. I'm a huge fan of the supporting cast for Arrow though Laurel is getting on my nerves, I still root for them. But you are right this is a darker serious show compared to The Flash. Maybe it is geared to a younger audience because my friends agree its hard to relate to the supporting cast and plot wise something seems off.

      I completely agree with you about craving Arrow over The Flash. I cant get enough! I'm really glad the rating is doing well.

      Thanks for stopping by!