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Monday, November 3, 2014

Between the Stars and Sky by David James

Between the Stars and Sky
ISBN: 9780991071135
September 30, 2014
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 I participated in the cover reveal earlier this year and I am so glad I did. This cover is one of my all time favorites of 2014. This is my first read of David James and this is David James's first contemporary novel. This is a very fast summer/fall romance read.

Between the Stars and Sky is told in a males point of view and starts off depressing and slow. Throughout the book the main character Jackson slowly learns to overcome his depression. The Firelight Festival is an annual event in which tests limits and brew couples together. Jackson has a dark past and he himself is the only one who can change it. Sarah, his childhood neighbor, might be the push Jackson needs to overcome his hardships.

This was beautifully written but a little hard to believe. Jackson is a romantic which comes off a little too feminine. I had a really hard time connecting with him because he was so depressing. Sarah was very head strong and motivated. She dominated the friendship with Jackson. Jackson relied too much on the women in his life to bring himself out of depression. I agree people need friends to motive and push to excel but Jackson wasnt on his own enough to see that progress. This was tad bit too predictable but the character growth was the most important element and by the end it really shows.

I loved his relationship he had with his best friend. It was funny and believable. Even though this was depressing, there were light sarcastic moments between the two that made me laugh. I wanted to see Jackson alone doing something (anything really) to realize he's depressed (which is understandable) and to want overcome it.

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