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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Halloween Movies Watched Every October

I saw this post at Haley Noelle @Delicate Teeth

Shows and Movies I rewatch every October

I watch this movie at least three times every year. I own the soundtrack because my favorite band Panic! at the Disco (btw I have seen live 5 times!) remade a couple songs. This is a classic

Back when Disney Channel had the best movies airing. I only enjoyed the first two Halloweentowns, the rest were terrible esp when they changed Marni.

I used to be too afraid to finish this when I was a little girl but now I cant get enough. This wasnt as scary Disney Channels Don't Look Under your Bed. A movie I have never completed from start to finish to this day. 

And because I thought this was funny:

Oh Disney Channel, How I miss you...

My dad and I would always wager who the Phantom was. We were never able to find out because I was the band and always had a concert to perform. I recently watched a clip on youtube to find out who it was. I was right! My dad owes me a lot of money.

I own the TV series on DVD and have only seen 35 episodes of the 72 aired. Between I Love Lucy, I Dream of Jeannie, Bewitched, Mister Ed, and The Munsters I hardly have time to finish it all. But I will. October gives me the chance to do just that. I watch the adaptation film as well on ABC Family but I prefer the original.

Speaking of which:

I used to watch this and Mister Ed on TV Land but they stopped airing them. But The Munsters is now on Netflixs. I'm on episode 23 out of 64. 

I watch this year around along with I Dream of Jeannie. I own all eight seasons of this and all five seasons of I Dream of Jeannie. I'm currently on the 8th season with 14 more episodes left. I prefer I Dream of Jeannie to this but hey I like new episodes.

So what do you think? What shows/movies do you watch every October? Do you have a special tradition with your family when you watch them?

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  1. I love Halloweentown! I agree, the last two are terrible, especially the college age one where they have a different person playing Marnie! I cant wait to watch it on Disney channel in a couple of weeks! :) Have a happy Halloween!

    1. Halloweentown is definitely and Disney Classic! I just watched the other night :) Thanks for stopping by!! Happy Halloween

  2. For me, it's not Halloween without going to the midnight showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show!