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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Beware the Wild

Beware the Wild
ISBN: 978-0062241528
October 21, 2014
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 First of all...covergasm! This cover is on my top 2014 favorite cover list. Having a physical hardcover copy, I wish there was texture to the branches and included *swamp animals*. But still, this is gorgeous.

As a act of rebelliousness, Sterling drives her brother off the edge to point where he walks into the swamp willingly. Soon no one has seen him but hours later no one remembers him. That's because Lenora May, Sterling's supposed sister walks out of the swamp. The only person who seems to remember Phin is Sterling herself. Its up to Sterling and Heath, a boy with a broken past to find out what happened to Phin and save him. One thing is for sure, Lenora May is not Sterling's sister.

I'd have to say my biggest issue with this book was that it wasn't creepy enough. I loved the paranormal aspects and the control the swamp had over the community but the mystery regarding the swamp was dry. About a third of the way in, I already had the answer. I found the plot dragging a little towards the end but I am glad I continued because it tied up at the end.

The MC was annoying as heck and very selfish. I wanted to slap her and tell her to get a grip throughout the whole book. I never, not once felt sorry for her. I did however feel sorry for Heath, the one boy who believed her. His situation was heartbreaking. At the same time, I didnt care for the way Heath and Sterling came to believe one another. I would have liked the scene to be played more instead of instantly believing.

I would of found this creepier if Lenora May didn't have all the answers Sterling and Heath needed. I was looking forward to the two of them discovering hidden dark secrets within the community which would reveal clues on how and who to destroy to regain the swamp land. There is some digging around but I didnt find it was enough and soon after, Lenora May revealed all they needed to know and I felt the whole plot/point of the story was over which again was only a third of the way in.

What I did love was the swamp. The swamp was eerie, creepy and tempting. I loved the elements that were brought into the swamp. I'm glad that I finished this book because the whole story in general tied up nicely and writing made this hard to put down. There were times where I wanted to read aloud with a southern twang but I didnt and was able to focus and continue. Overall, I would recommend this to my friends as a so-so short, fast, paranormal read.

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  1. This sounds like a book with a very good setting and a good paranormal aspect to it. I think I will have to give it a pass though because I can't stand annoying MCs and I would love the book to be super creepy.