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Monday, December 15, 2014

Quirk Books Stars & Swipes and Hugs & Misses by Wilhelm Staehle Mini Review

Stars & Swipes/ Hugs & Misses
by Wilhelm Staehle
Quirk Books

I love sending, collecting and receiving postcards and these 30 each postcard collections do not disappoint. These postcards are loosely based on American history and are quite funny. My favorite is Hugs & Misses. Its romantically hilarious. However, the downside to the Hugs & Misses is that it maybe too romantic to send to friends. I'm going to have a hard time deciding who to send them to. I have several friends around the country and I will most likely send out the Stars & Swipes. The postcards come ready to be stamped for delivery. I like collecting postcards so I will definitely purchase a set as a collectible. 

The sets themselves are pretty cute. The tri-fold layout allows for an easy way to choose the right card to send. Pick from 30 easily accessible cards. Write your message, stamp it and send it out on its way. It features politics, romance, and comedy all in one. I highly recommend to anyone!

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