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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sweet Shadows Review

Sweet Shadows (Medusa Girls, #2)
ISBN: 978-0062001832
September 4, 2012
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 Sweet Shadows picks up right where Sweet Venom left off. The triplets realize their lives are in danger and they dont have all the information. Its about time they get answers and ask the boys just what is going on.

The beginning starts off with a Bang, unfortunately the plot begins to slow down after about 30 pages in. I found it hard to continue, everything the girls said to one another or thought was very repetitive and at times read like the plot was on stand still for a chapter or three. That being said though, we do get some answers from the cute boys but of course that brings up more questions. Also, there were a couple plot twists that were unpredictable but it still couldnt hold my interest and I almost DNF on page 200. I cant say this book suffered from Second Book Syndrome because it had more action than it did in the first one. But something is missing and doesnt have the spark like the Forgive my Fins trilogy had. There's still one more book left in the series and I plan on reading it soon.

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