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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday #1

Top Ten Tuesday hosted by The Broke & the Bookish
Top Ten Books I Really Want To Read But Don't Own Yet
Not in order

Extraction (Extraction, #1)
Stephanie Diaz
 The cover is gorgeous and reminds me of Illusive by Emily Lloyd-Jones. I am excited to read this just so I can compare this other similar recently released titles.

Nil (Nil, #1)
Lynn Matson
I had my eye on this book for a while now. This wouldnt be something I normally read but the cover drew me in and the synopsis sounded pretty good. I probably wont own this but I do really want to read it.

Ivy Devlin
I didnt think there was going to be a second book to Low Red Moon. Its been years since I last read the first book but I want to see where this story goes and plus I have a love for werewolves. I cant seem to find this anywhere though. Amazon does carry it.

Cindy Miles
I didnt use to like ghost novels but I'm starting to. The cover isnt the best but the synopsis is! I cant find this anywhere other than Amazon. My library doesnt carry it, so I might just have to own this.

Game. Set. Match. (Outerbanks Tennis Academy, #1)
Game. Set. Match.
Jennifer Iacopelli
I was on the Tennis team at my University for three years and been to several tennis camps during the summer. This is kind of contemporary novels I like. I have heard great things about this book so I am really excited to own this on my kindle.
Dangerous Girls
Dangerous Girls
Abigail Haas
This also isnt my cup of tea read but everyone loves it so I might just give it a try. 

Earth Girl (Earth Girl, #1)
Earth Girl
Janet Edwards
This sounds soooo goooood! I cant wait to read this! My library doesnt carry this so I will own this whole trilogy.
Half Bad (Half Life, #1)
Half Bad
Sally Green
I heard great things and and the UK edition is breathtaking. I want to own this in Hardcover with the black side version.

Temptation (Temptation, #1)
Karen Ann Hopkins
I know plenty of Amish families and took several courses on Amish communities in high school and college. This sounds adorable. I own the second and third but I need the first so I can start the trilogy.

The Haven
The Haven
Carol Lynch Williams

I had my eye on this for a while now but there hasnt been great reviews so I am holding off. This actually just arrived at my library so I will check it out sometime.

What do you think? Have you read any of these titles, if so what book do you recommend I buy first?

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  1. Haven's on my list too! I want is, I needs it, must have the precious!

    1. Its been on my list for some time now. Let me know when you read this!

  2. There are several on here I need to read. I tried to read The Haven, but I just couldn't get into it. I may retry later. I want to read Half Bad too!

    1. So sad about The Haven. Ive heard so many mixed reviews Im contemplating purchasing it. Half Bad ahhh the cover for the sequel is absolutely Amazing. I am definitely going to own the trilogy.