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Sunday, August 23, 2015

SBPT '15 #MoreHappyThanNot Tag

Welcome to  the 2015 Summer Blogger Promo Tour hosted by the Book Bratz. This tour features bloggers every Sunday. My last stop is dedicated to Mishma @Chasingfaerytales

Hey guys!
You all know how much I love tags, and how much I adore doing them, even if I wasn't tagged for it in the first place:)
So, when I saw the #MoreHappyThanNot tag over at Deadly Darlings, I knew that I have to try it myself, and Aimee being the sweetheart she is, tagged everyone who read her post, so I took the liberty and considered myself tagged:)

The tag contains one single question. What makes you more happy than not? 

Let me tell you one by one!

I am more happy than not, when,

1. I make people happy

The feeling you experience when you make a person smile, laugh, happy and forget their hardships, is quite beautiful. I feel this satisfaction in my heart that make me realize that I've done something good, something wonderful. 

2. I travel

I love travelling! Whether it's a road trip, or a journey to a foreign country, there's no other feeling in the world that can be compared to the excitement travelling can bring to me.It's my dream to travel all over the world one day - at least to my favorite countries.
3. I reread my childhood favorite books

When I read my childhood , whether it's Harry Potter or Narnia, I am immediately taken back to my carefree young days. These books have the magic of making me feel like I am going back to a place where I actually belong:)

4. I watch Pixar movies

Okay truth to be told, they make me cry more than they make me happy, but still, just like I said above, these movies make me feel nostalgic and somewhat satisfied.

5. Someone wishes me on my birthday.

This probably sounds a bit childish, but I always feel so happy whenever I get a birthday wish, no matter how old I am. And it's double excitement for me when I get gifts:)

6.  I get a new follower / comment or a mention in twitter.
It just makes me want to reach out through the internet and hug the person in question tightly while doing a happy dance myself:)

7. I hang out with my friends

I do love my crazy, awesome friends though they often struggle to understand me. But still, they are my friends, and as much as they call me weird, I know for a fact that they love me too!:)

8.  I get a mention from my favorite author/ publisher/ blogger

I just feel like a fangirl who got to talk to her favorite celebrity when I end up having a conversation with my favorite author and blogger idols. 

9. Someone says that I look pretty.

I know this makes me sounds vain, but if you know me well, you would also know that I am pretty insecure, so whenever someone compliments me on my appearance, it just boosts my confidence a lot. And you guys have no idea how much it means to a girl who's always put herself down in that particular area.

10. I ace an exam or win a competition

I am a bit of a smarty pants and also ambitious. So when I sit for an exam or take part in a tournament - especially debates - I want to come out with the best. So when I do end up getting the best results, I feel pretty elated!;)

11. I manage to speak in public

I kinda have a horrible case of stage fright, and whenever I start to talk in public, I end up freaking out! So when I do manage it, I feel quite proud for myself:)

12. I end up writing something that satisfies me.

It's just not creative writing. I love writing, even if it's Lit homework, and I am a huge critique that I hardly end up satisfied with what I write. So if it happens, it makes me delighted;)

I am not going to tag anyone specifically. Feel free and consider yourself tagged, I want to see the things that makes you guys happy Btw, what makes you more happy than not? Tell me in the comments!

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