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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Dream Things True Review

Dream Things True
September 1, 2015
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 Evan and Alma live in two completely different worlds; Evan the soccer star of Gilberton, Georgia lives in the rich part of town and drives fancy cars. While Alma, an illegal immigrant from Mexico works for her dad's lawn care business, lives with her very large smothering family, and is one of the smartest girl's you would ever meet. However, the two put their differences aside and have fallen completely in love with each other. But once ICE, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement, start doing raids on the couple's hometown Alma, her family, and most of her friends are eligible for deportation back to Mexico. Is Evan and Alma's love strong enough to endure what lies in their near future?
Dream Things True, by Marie Marquardt is a real page turner, you're always wondering what is going to happen next which makes the novel so hard to put down. The novel is told in second person with easy to love characters. I felt this novel was a true modernized version of the timeless Romeo and Juliet tale. However, the book would be more enjoyable if you had some background in the Spanish language. But if you don't that okay because there are translations further down in the text, thankfully I've taken Spanish before and even with my basic understanding I was able to comprehend a lot of the minor Spanish parts within the book. I didn't feel as if there was ever a dull moment in this book because around every corner there a twist in the plot, which always makes a story more interesting and keeps the plot moving along. At the final 336th page I wish it didn't have to end because it was such a great book, however great things must always come to an end. Therefore, I would love to read more of Marquardt's work in the future.

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