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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Because You'll Never Meet Me Review

Because You'll Never Meet Me
June 2, 2015
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Because You'll Never Meet Me by Leah Thomas is about two boys on different sides of the world who share one major commonality, they both have extremely rare disabilities. Moritz, a 14 year
old boy living in Kreiszig, Germany was born without eyes in his skull and had a pacemaker put in his chest. His also 14 year old pen pal Ollie who lives in Michigan shacked up in a tiny little cabin out in the middle of the woods. He lives out there because he's allergic to electricity, how it works is electricity rejects him and he rejects electricity. The boys can never meet because of their disabilities but, that doesn't stop them from keeping in touch via letters. After the course of these letters both boys change each other's lives for the better. Oliver influences Moritz to embrace his disability and Moritz influenced Oliver to become focused and get up and out from
his hermitopia. With so many secrets and plot twists you can never predict what is going to happen to the boys next. I completely absolutely loved this novel I just couldn't put it down. Moritz had an extremely dark past, you think you know what's about to happen next but the actual event that occurs takes you by complete surprise. I stood corrected on just about every prediction scenario and was blown away by the diverse and different secrets these boys had. I will admit, as much praise that I would give this The back and forth communication between the two boys was my favorite part, I bumped a star because there's a noticeable chunk in the middle without their witty banter that I longed for. Overall this book was amazing and completely , utterly, and beautifully different than many other contemporary books that I read. I highly recommend Because You'll Never Meet Me.

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